Nowness: Club Kuru - Ribbons

We see the protagonist, played by Tatiana Hiess, wandering through her surroundings encountering visions on television screens. These visions represent what she is longing for: company, fun, friends, and somebody to tell her she is going to be ok.

“Much like in the real world, we can’t ever reach past the screens to the other side, where we believe the things we want are waiting for us. Here, Tatiana is left alone to find her own way with the mantra from an old wise man chanting in her head.”

Director - Will Dohrn

Producer - Nicola Kane

Director of Photography - Gwilym Evans

1st AC - Sam Mulvey

Casting Director - (Cafe) - Charlotte James

Casting Director - (Pool & Pavillion) - Carmen Young

Hair & Make Up - Pool - Rebecca Rose Robinson

Stylist - (Pool) - Sofia Lai Stylist - (Apollo Pavillion) - Kat Hawker

Cast: Lead - Tatiana Hiess

Dancer 1 - Lottie Ball

Dancer 2 - Izzy Moriarty-Thompston

Dancer 3 - Lucinda Orrell

Narrator - Bunny Bread

Young male - Steven Stone

Post Production: Department Films Colourist - Jon Howard