Salomon - The Monochrome Runner

A film about the transcendent meditation of running to escape the noise of lockdown isolation.

He runs.... That’s what he does. In this short film we focus on our protagonist – The Monochrome Runner. We live in unprecedented times, we are told we’re all in it together and to find solace in the presence of each other, but in these times The Monochrome Runner finds calmness through self-reflection, solitude, and personal strength whilst running. Our protagonist's real name is unknown, but this is not important. The character is a visual representation and embodiment of the essence of running; focused, meditative, and introspective. We follow our lead as he moves through the metropolis exploring the surrounding cityscapes, nature, and textures.

Director - Gwilym Evans

DP – Sean Delahay

AC – Henry Russell

Post Production – way out west.

Sound – Luke Thompson

Colour – Adam Clarke

Voice of – Ryan Walker-Edwards

Poetry - Jem Brownlee