'Sebastian Mullaert' Teaser

Sebastian Mullaert - The Art Of Simplicity
When you listen to Sebastian Mullaert’s music you will feel something enchanting, a resonance that delivers truth, integrity and reminds us to simply be.

The Swedish artist has a distinct approach to life, as well as music, which is centred around tranquillity, stillness and the convergence of Zen meditation, nature and creativity. We follow Sebastain emerseing himself in the Neo Classical scene during his integral perfomance at tonhalleLATE #30' joining forces with the Zurich Philharmonic Orchestra. We then go to Sebastians home in the secludid Röstånga national park to see the inspiration provided by the serenity and simplicity of the forest.

Agency - Toolbox
Production Company - Way Out West
Director - Pete Malla
DP - Gwilym Evans
Produced by Way Out West and Toolbox Agency
Colourist - Will Strong
Editor - W.H Evenheimer