Short: The Dancing Bees

A visual poem woven from a man's love of beekeeping.

Cornish beekeeper Jo Widdicombe has been keeping bees for 50 years. Through a chance experience, Jo discovered the thought-extinct European Dark Honey Bee (Apis mellifera mellifera), and recultivated it back into its native Cornwall.

We take a snapshot into Jo's thoughts and observations, highlighting themes such as bees being a reflection of common good, unsustainable environmental practices, and the passing down of his extensive knowledge to new sustainable beekeepers.

Director: Gwilym Evans
DP: Sam Finney
Editor: Gwilym Evans
Colourist: Yago Hunt-Laudi
Sound Design and Mix: Luke Thompson
Poetry: Gwilym Evans
Voiceover: Jo Widdicombe
Titles: Guillaume Maurin-Belay
Film Lab - Frame24
Music: Phillip Glass - String Quartet No. 3, "Mishima" - VI. Mishima / Closing
Production Company: way out west.

Please see the below resources for more sustainable beekeeping information.